Sooo I’m not British I am very very Canadian and with that comes alll my favour…

Sooo I’m not British 🤷‍♀️ I am very very Canadian and with that comes alll my favourite Canadian sweets like butter tarts, Naomi bars and maple candies.

In fact I was so non-British when working in culinary here in the UK, half the desserts I had to make I had no idea what they were talking about 😅 also, why are all desserts called pudding? I still can’t wrap my head around that one!

Rice pudding is one of those desserts I thought was bizarre and just straight up odd! But, after over 3 years here, maaayyybbeee I’m coming around- just with my own twist 🥰

VEGAN RICE PUDDING for the most perfect afters with a homemade BLUEBERRY CHIA JAM 💙💙😌

This recipe serves 4 and is ultra creamy, packed with warming flavour from the cardamom and vanilla. The blueberries add such a delicate touch- plus, what’s better than cardamom and blueberries?

Vegan Rice Pudding
(GF, V, DF, NF, RSF)
-1 cup short grain pudding rice
-2 cans coconut milk
-2-4 tbsp maple syrup (depending on sweetness preferences)
-1 tsp vanilla
-4 cardamom pods (crushed, but still intact)

1. Bring your coconut milk to a boil in a pan/pot while you rinse your rice. Add the rice, cardamom pods, maple syrup, and vanilla reducing to a simmer.

2. Allow rice to simmer, stirring occasionally until rice is fully cooked but the mixture is still saucy.

3. Serve hot with a dash of cinnamon and some blueberry chia jam 💙

(GF, DF, V, RSF, P)
-2 cups blueberries (I used frozen)
-1 1/2 tsp vanilla
-4 tsp maple syrup
-dash of cinnamon
-2 tbsp chia seeds

1. Combine all ingredients but the chia seeds into a sauce pan. Bring pan to a low/medium heat and cook until blueberries are softened and releasing juice. I tend to slightly crush them (because I’m impatient).

2. Once blueberries are broken down, add your chia seeds and combine them in completely. Allow to cool and YUM! 🫐

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  1. I’ve actually never had rice pudding! But my dad is a huge fan of it & swears it’s the best thing ever 😍

  2. Yoooo tell me about not being British and working in food over here😅. I still ask people for double cream and zucchini 😩

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