Peach, arugula and ricotta salad with mint and a honey balsamic glaze Serious…

Peach, arugula and ricotta salad with mint and a honey balsamic glaze 🍑 🌱

Seriously, smash that save button in this one ☝️👀

This has been a family classic forever to pair with anything BBQ 🔥 The sweet delicate flavours of the peach and ricotta pair so well with the harsh charcoal, and smokey grill dishes boasting the peppery taste of the arugula with a creamy contrast from the mild cheese and sweet undertones of honey and cool mint ☀️

Now if that doesn’t sell ya, I don’t know what will!

We paired this with a grilled shrimp skewer, tapenade, and grilled corn 👌🏻 it was literally a-maz-ing 💥

-8 peaches, sliced
-1 tub ricotta
-1-2 tbsp honey (to taste)
-fleur de sel (or other chunky salt)
-4 sprigs mint, minced
-1 cup arugula
-drizzle of olive oil

Balsamic Glaze:
-1/2 cup balsamic
-3 tbsp honey

1. First off, make your balsamic glaze. Add the honey and balsamic in a pan and bring to a bubble. Reduce and simmer for about 15 minutes until nice and thick. Keep watch on it because it can reduce too fast and become almost plastic-y in texture. Once you turn off the heat it will continue to reduce, so turn the heat off just before you think it’s ready.

2. Meanwhile mix a tub of ricotta with the honey and about 1/4 tsp if flaky salt. P.S. this is a fab dip with literally anything 😍

3. Combine the peaches, arugula, chopped mint, and olive oil in a bowl and serve onto plates. Dollop the ricotta mixture on top and sprinkle some S&P. Drizzle the balsamic glaze and serve 🌱